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GanreDating, Relationships, Living Together & Marriage
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This is one of a series of meditation recordings by Glenn Harrold and Ali Calderwood, which are based upon the ancient solfeggio musical scale. Each note in this scale has specific healing properties and this recording resonates to a frequency of 852hz and is associated with the colour of indigo and the element of light. Glenn Harrold's acclaimed vocal delivery and guided meditation combined with Ali Calderwood's deep and moving soundscapes tuned to 852hz combine to create an amazingly powerful meditation recording. By combining these sounds with a guided meditation, you have the potential to release deep-rooted blockages and negative patterns of behaviour. This frequency will help you to awaken your intuition and connect with your inner light. It can also help with every day problems like headaches, lack of concentration, bad dreams, and nervousness, as all of these issues exist within the same vibrational energy. The music includes an array of sacred instruments and sounds such as crystal bowls and didgeridoo and sacred chants, which work to further enhance the effects of the solfeggio tones.

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