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Release date 01.05.2015
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You Can Overcome Adult ADHD And Live A Better Life!Are you hopelessly disorganized? Full of ideas but always late? Do you find it hard to focus and daydream too often? You may have Adult ADHD!If you struggle to get anything done, can never find what you're looking for and are drowning in a sea of paperwork, you're not alone. Most of us can relate! But if you're also impulsive, edgy and forgetful,you may have a condition called Adult ADHD. And that's exactly how this book can help you.This Book Is For Anyone Who's Struggling To Cope With This Condition...Maybe you were already diagnosed as a child. Maybe you've been wondering about ADHD for some time. Or maybe you've just started looking for an explanation for your poor concentration, lack of focus and impulsive behavior. Either way, this book is for you. Packed full of information and coping strategies, we'll walk through the signs and symptoms of Adult ADHD, how the doctors make a diagnosis, and how therapy can help. We'll look at medications and the possible side effects. We'll even go over why telling your boss about your condition isn't always a great idea. But we'll go even further than that.You'll Learn Practical Suggestions And Useful Tips To Improve Your Entire Life...We'll cover the key areas of stress, relationships, finances and the workplace. And show you how a few basic changes at home can start to make a difference to your life, your relationships and your career.This book will teach you: ==> To organize and structure your daily life with a basic wall chart ==> Why your spouse or partner is stressed out, and what you can do about it ==> How simple strategies can help you be more productive at work ==> Where to keep your credit card to avoid impulse buys ==> How a flying alarm clock can help you leave on time every morning ==> Why daily exercise can hold the key to beating Adult ADHD ==> How you can learn to relax and unwind when you're on the go all the time ==> Plus much more! This book is packed full of all the information and support you need in order to understand and cope with Adult ADHD. Written in clear, simple English, this book offers you a chance to overcome your ADHD symptoms at last!Would You Like To Know More?==>Scroll up and click the 'add to cart' button to get your copy now!

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